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Ella’s “Blast from the Past” Post- Spring 2008

August 1, 2009

Hi all!

Ella-Belle here, with the newest “Blast” post.  This is about the Spring of 2008 (April and May).

Ella April Showers bring may flowers   Jack, April showers bring may flowers


Much of April, I was still recovering from my surgery on my knee.  It was hard not being able to play as much with my brother.  The doctor said I needed to rest up, so that I could feel better.  My mommy and grandparents didn’t keep me in my kennel all the time, though.  Whenever they could, they would take me out and hold me and cuddle me.  Cuddling and snuggling is the best medicine, after all! 

When I was in their laps, I could see my brother, and still get my rest.  I just couldn’t play, PHYSICALLY with him.  My knee and leg needed time to heal.

Ella wants out of her kennel

~Though I was placed on “Kennel Rest”, I spent alot of time out of “Kennel” and in my Mommy, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s laps.  They should change the name to “snuggle rest”

time for bed, Ella bean

   beagle bug

With me on kennel rest, my brother was sad that we couldn’t play as much.  He wanted me to get all better.  He missed playing with me.  Even though that our family cuddled both of us and snuggled both of us and played with both of us, there was something we really wanted~ that something we wanted and desired was to be able to play together!

On 4-3-2008 we wanted it more than ANYTHING.  That day also happened to be my six week post-op doctor visit for my knee.  I was scared about it and my Mommy was REALLY worried and nervous.  The doctor looked at me, and checked me REAL carefully!  I was a BIG GIRL at the doctor, and did not cry or whine.  I was not scared.  I was very brave. 

My Mommy was so happy after I saw the doctor, because the doctor said that even though I was still healing, I could play with my brother now!  I still had to be carefull, but I was allowed to play with him and snuggle him more! YEAH! 

Wanting to play………

Wishing we could play together

Our wish came true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

playing on the couch, we sure have missed this    Ella decided to go next door to Jack's house

look at the paws

Being granted more PLAYTIME, however, sure did make me tired.  I chose to rest a little when I felt like I needed it. 

May of 2008 our Mommy was finishing school for the semester.  She explained to us that summer would be here soon, which met that she would be home more with us. 

However, as April finished and May was coming, Mommy’s friend Pam (mentioned in the previous post) became pretty sick with something called Cancer.  We were sad when our mommy told us about this.  Mommy went to the hospital several times to see Miss Pam and to hang pictures of her animals in Miss pam’s hospital room. 

In the very first part of May, Miss Pam was not getting better.  Her family came because they needed to.  Mommy met her family a few times, and went to the hospital to sit with Miss Pam’s family.

May 4th 2008 was our BIRTHDAY!   We turned ONE YEAR OLD!!!! We were very happy. 

Unfortunately, May 4th was also the day that Miss Pam died.  She went to Heaven.  Even though we were sad that she died, Mommy told us that we got a ANGEL on our FIRST BIRTHDAY!  This made us feel better.  Even though Mommy’s friend had died on our birthday, Mommy made it the best day she could for us.  She bought us Birthday hats and scarves and let us wear them.  We were very happy to be ONE!  She sang us the Happy Birthday song!  We loved that song!  She gave us a special cookie treat on our birthday.  It was a great FIRST birthday party, and we spent it just as we love to spend each day: With our family, and having LOTS of snuggles!!!!!

birthday boy   Ella's first birthday

We are so happy and cute together

Ella and Jack tug of war   They both looked at the camera, a rare occurance these days

When Miss Pam died, she had four CATS!  Now normally we are not CAT lovers.  We are dogs, after all!  However, when Mommy told us she needed to help find homes for Miss Pam’s cats, we said that it was okay.  We supported her in making phone calls and trying to find a nice home.  Mommy called and was able to get a home for at least ONE of Pam’s cats.  A few days after Miss Pam died, Miss Pam’s cat Cali (a Calico cat) went home to live with our friend and the lady who cleans our house, who is named Miss Gail!  We were very happy that Cali had such a nice home to go to!  We love Miss Gail a whole lot! 

Cali and me   Cali and new owner Gail

~Mommy picked Cali up and handed her over to Miss Gail!  Cali was very lucky to get such a great home!

For the rest of May and into the first of June, we were at the “doggie hotel” our home away from home, while our family went on a cruise.  We missed them alot, but when we got home our mommy shared the pictures with us and told us stories.  While on her cruise, she got to meet animals like a monkey and a birdie in Mexico (and she didn’t even get sick! YAY!)  and she got to meet the Carnival Cruise Line Mascot, Funship Freddie!

the monkey doesn't want any more freakin pictures   you'll do anything when you've had lots to drink in Cozumel haha

Funship Freddy and me

Thank you for reading this latest “Blast Post”.  My brother will do the next Blast Post, and in it he will talk about the Summer of 08! 



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  1. August 3, 2009 10:01 pm

    Hi Jack, Ella and mommy Ann,
    It always makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside when reading your stories. You guys have such a loving family. What lucky puggles you are! I am glad Ella’s knee is all better.

    Wags and licks,

  2. October 12, 2009 9:57 pm

    Great post! I love the pics of you two playing! PUGGLES ROCK!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

    • January 23, 2011 8:16 pm

      Thanks Eduardo! We LOVE YOU TO 😉 Hope you are doing AWESOME!!!! Mommy has some MAJOR updating to do….she’s been so busy lately she kind of fell off the update wagon ;-0

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