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Ella’s “Blast from the Past” post (Winter 2007)

July 23, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Ella-Belle, here! 

WOW!  How about a round of ap-PAWS for my brother on his Blast from the Past Fall 2007.  He sure is a good writer.  He’s also a FANTASTIC brother.  I really love him alot, and he loves me.  I think we are FINALLY getting used to this “blog” thing.  We have never been the best at routines.  We’re not all the way potty trained.  It’s just sometimes harder with two puppies of the same age, but we really do try to please.  Every day we learn more and more. 

Well, like my brother said, this post is about the Winter of 2007.  It will talk about November and December.

November was pretty busy.  Our Mommy still had a yucky feeling foot and ankle.  We did not like that she was in pain. 

She left us at the vet around the first part of November, for boarding.  Before she left, she sat us down on the couch for a snuggle and to tell us why.  She said that we had to go to the doggie hotel, because she had to go to a place called New York City.  She had to go there for a Doctor appointment.  She said that the doctor that could make her foot all better was there, so she would have to take a big air plane there.  We gave her lots of kisses.  We enjoyed our time at the vet, because everyone there loves us and plays with us!

Our Mommy got back and told us about her trip.  She also said she missed us.  She was happy but also a little sad.  The reason she was sad, was because when she saw her doctor, she learned that she would have to go to New York to have surgery.  The only time she could go was for Christmas.  We said we didn’t mind spending Christmas somewhere else.  We started thinking about the toys we would pack.  We were excited about this whole New York place, anyway.  Then she said that we would have to stay here.  She said that the air plane would be scary for us, and that the hotels were a bit expensive.  Also, she wouldn’t be able to care for us as well, because after surgery she would be in the hospital for a few days.  Doggies aren’t allowed at the hospital.

She said that she would really make our November and the part of December that we were together really special.  She told us we could have our family Christmas before the REAL Christmas.  She also assured us that Santa would find us at the Doggie Hotel on Christmas and when we woke up on Christmas Day we would have a special time.  She also told us that she would take lots of pictures and tell us lots of stories when she saw us again in January.

Our Mommy really kept her promise, and then some! 

In November she bought us some really pretty Winter Sweaters so we would look pretty and be nice and warm.  My sweater was so pretty and Mommy said I was truly GORGEOUS in it.  My brother’s sweater was green and striped and he was really handsome.  We enjoyed it when our Mommy would help us dress up in our nice warm sweaters.  We still have them with our other clothes.  Now that we are two, we have LOTS of clothes! 

Jack ready for winter in his brand new sweater  xmas sweaters closeup  Ella in her fur coat

We also learned more and more about the Holidays.  Mommy told us all about Christmas, and about Santa.  Mommy bought us each a stocking and hung them on our kennels.  We LOVED looking at our pretty stockings.  We also were in the family Christmas card picture.  We watched lots of Christmas movies with Mommy also.  She got us some Santa hats and Reindeer antlers.  She taught us Christmas songs. 

On Thanksgiving she told us how thankful she was for both of us.  She said that we are her babies and her best friends.  She loves us very much and always will.  She gave us our Christmas presents on Thanksgiving day and we made that our “Family Christmas Day” since that our family would be apart from us on Christmas. 

She brought us to see Santa Claus!  We really enjoyed it.  I told Santa what I wanted and Jack told Santa what he wanted.

Our Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa really made our Holiday Season of 2007 a special one.  The night before they had to bring us to the Doggie Hotel for our Holiday Stay, Mommy read us a book that she bought us, called My Dog Marley.  It was funny!

Mommy helped us to ask Santa what we want in our stockings:

Ella asks Santa to fill her stocking   Jack asking santa to fill his stocking   we got our stockings (2)

 Ella visits Santa         Jack visits Santa          The whole family visits Santa                   

We even got to meet Santa Claus!  We were not scared.  He was nice.

reindeer Jack, Mommy, Ella Claus    carpenter xmas 07

Do you see our names on the Family Christmas Card?

Our Mommy took some time out to remind us, that even though she was happy we are her babies.  It was also her first year without Sir-C.  Sir-C was the doggie that Mommy had before Jack and Me.  Our Mommy said that it was hard that Sir-C was not with her.  She wanted to show us that he was still with us.  The way she did this, was that she gave each of us a special Christmas toy that used to be Sir-C’s when he was alive.  She told us that our Angel brother wanted us to have his Christmas toys.  Those were his presents to us.  We really were happy that our big brother loved us enough that he wanted us to have his toys.  Mommy also made a special poster for Sir-C that she still has. 

sir-c collage (2)     Jack and Rudolph 


The night before Mommy left for New York, she read us a special story called, My Dog Marley:

Ella and Marley are alike they chew books   Jack's new fave bedtime story Bad Dog, Marley

Isn’t it funny?  I chewed the book like Marley!                          

My brother also loved the Marley story book!

All in all, our Holiday of 2007 was Happy!  The thing we learned most, is that our family was a loving family and they were thankful for us and for each other.  We learned more and more just how much we are loved.  We also loved our family more and more each day. 

Thank you for reading my Winter 2007 post.  Jack will be the next post, sometime this weekend.  Stay tuned!  It will include an update on what we’ve been up to lately and lots more! 

Thanks for reading!










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