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Jack’s "Blast from the Past" post— (Fall 2007)

July 21, 2009

Hello Ladies and Dudes!!!!!

Jack-man here!
My sissy did a GREAT job on that Blast from the Past post. I figured I’d chip in and help her with the Blast from the Past posts as well.
I’m going to share some of my “Re-memory-ber-ies” (I’m not the bestest speller, here! Sound it out, Jack, sound it out!) from the Fall of 2007.
The Fall months I will include are August, September and October!
In August we coninued trying to figure out who we were, learn about our family and where our places were in it. We went to the veterinarin for our regular check-ups to keep us healthy. We also would go there occasionally if our Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa had to go on a trip.

Most of all, we continued going out, meeting new friends, and enjoying LIFE with our family!

This is our Mommy and us with Mommy’s friend Michelle!
Our Mommy also started at a new school….it is called Salem College. We missed her whenever she would leave for school, but when she wasn’t with us, she was learning and would read us stories when she got home. When she wasn’t with us, our Grandpa and/or Grandma was with us.
September 2007 had ALOT of stuff happen. Our Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their anniversiary (25th). Mommy celebrated her 21nd Birthday, Mommy got Stung by a bumble bee one day (but Me and Sissy made it all better by kissing it) and Mommy had a car accident (but again, we made her better with kisses). Mommy said that she realized more and more how thankful she was for us. She loves bringing us on car rides, but was very thankful that she didn’t have us with her when she got in her accident. We coulda gotted hurt, and mommy never wants us to hurt or cry. We love mommy and we want the same for her.

October 2007 found us in school. This school wasn’t quite like Mommy’s. It was Puppy School where we learned how to sit, drop it, hussle, go to kennel and alot more. We also made lots of doggy friends and people friends. We still see our teacher whenever we go to PetSmart. She has a BIG doggie, but I wasn’t scared of him. He is nice. We also graduated from school! Mommy was so proud of us, and still is proud! We learned a whole lot and still know alot of it!
We also both had surgery. We got what you humans refer to as “fixed” so that we couldn’t have any puppies. When we got home we did not hurt, but we had stitches. They were really itchy and felt funny. We had to wear cones/E-Collars on our heads. We looked so funny. We also met our cousins who came into town. And we continued to grow and enjoy our life.

Our mommy was hurting in her ankle and foot quite a bit during this time. She had a rough time. We kissed her, licked her tears, and cuddled her every night, because between school, having a rough time and her foot and ankle hurting bad, she cried and was not very happy. She longed for every second with us. She loves us very much and always will…..We love her too!
For Halloween, I was a PIRATE! GRRR!!! Captain Jack Sparrow!

My sissy was Ella-Belle the sweetest Witch!
We LOVED Trick or Treating! Our favorite treats were kisses and tummy rubs. Who could pass those off?!?!

Stay tuned for Sissy’s “Blast Post” which will be the Winter of 2007 (Nov-Dec)

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