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From Jack: What we’ve been up to!

July 8, 2009

This is Jack Carpenter! I wanted to update this blog (since it is mine and my Sister’s, we will do some of our own updates and our mommy will help us out!)

Things have been SO busy around here. This is the first time I have typed on here, and my Mommy introduced this “blog” in May.
Since we are 2 years old (May 4th was our birthday) this site will require some upkeep so people can get to know us; and learn about us.

I sat down with Mommy and Sissy and we decided that we would have a “BLAST from the PAST” entry at the beginnig of each month! In these entries we will put pictures from the past. If it is JULY entry then we would put a “BLAST FROM THE PAST JULY” pictures of past July’s.
My sissy will be writing and picking out pictures for our first “Blast” entry following my update.

As I said, we have been BUSY!

We have been able to go to the doggy park several times (but not as often as we’d like, because it is hot!)

2 times ago when we went, we met Will and his dog. Will works at Barnes & Noble and he has always been helpful to our mommy there. It was funny because it was purely timing that brought us together. We had a good time playing with his doggy, who is a Beagle. She was really nice (and cute too!) My tail was wagging the whole time!

We also went there last week with our Mommy and Grandpa (Mommy’s daddy)

In June our Mommy had to bring us to the vet and board us for a week. This was because a good family friend died. She had a disease called Scleroderma. Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa were pretty sad for alot of May and June as her death approached. You see, Their friend, Miss Sally, was a really special lady. She was 51 years old and her daughter, Andrea (who is our Mommy’s best friend) is 22. Her birthday is acutally coming up on the 12th!

Miss Sally suffered the effects of Scleroderma for a long long time (longer than we have been alive!) She was a fighter! Mommy and Grandma & Grandpa were sad because they knew that their friend would not be here much longer. We did a lot of cuddling and snuggling; and licked all their tears as the events of Miss Sally’s last weeks unfolded. Our family was very sad for their friend, and they boarded us to go say goodbye to Miss Sally and attend her funeral.
When they got back, they were still sad, but at the same time they were happy to see us. We gave them lots of kisses. My mommy said that Miss Sally lives with our BIG BROTHER in Heaven now. Our BIG BROTHER was Sir-Cinnamon. We never met him though! He was a Sheltie. He was Mommy’s dog before we were her doggies.
He died on June 15th 2007 and she got us 9 days after he became an Angel.
Mommy assured us that Angel Sir-C was waiting @ the Rainbow Bridge for Miss Sally and wanted to see her and show her around Heaven.

When Mommy got home it was still June.

Right after they got home, our Grandma got an email that one of her long time friends was getting married. Grandma and Grandpa went to the wedding (which was five hours away, in Morehead City —same place where they were for Miss Sally’s funeral). We were VERY HAPPY to hear about the wedding and Happy that our grandma and grandpa could finally go to Morehead for a happy occasion. You see, they have been to Morehead 3 times now—in a row—for funerals of friends.
The first was in October when their friend, Pat (Who was Miss Sally’s Mother; and Andrea’s Grandmother) died suddenly.
The second was in February when a friend of Grandma’s died @ the age of 104….
…and then June, for Miss Sally.
So we were happy to hear that Grandma and Grandpa would go for a wedding!
We celebrated with them and gave them kisses and snuggles. We wagged our tails so hard they almost flew off!

We missed our Grandma and Grandpa while they were gone, but our Mommy was home with us and we had fun with her.

Some friends of hers even came by and played with us on Friday and on Saturday another friend came by. We LOVE to make new friends, dogs and people alike! We LOVE to meet people and kiss and cuddle!
We were happy when our Grandma and Grandpa got back!

July is here already. We did not watch fireworks, but we did hear them. Our mommy went to watch fireworks down the street. She did not bring us because she didn’t want us to be scared. We heard them and were not very thrilled. We were a little scared of them, but our mommy cuddled us and kissed us. She told us the fireworks were saying “Happy Birthday” to America!

The rest of July we plan to go to the dog park, and play, and get all our snuggles in.

Last night was a little bit sad, for me especially. Nothing TOO tragic. My sissy, Ella, ripped up one of my favorite “babies”. His name was “Squackers” and I named him myself! He was a duck with a square belly that had squeekers all in side his tummy and his feet. I named him Squackers because he had squeakers and because ducks say “quack”.

Sissy is my best friend, but she can also be mean sometimes 😦

I was sad about my Squackers being ripped up, but Mommy let me kiss him goodbye and told me he was going to the Rainbow Bridge and Angel Sir-C would take care of him!

Today, Mommy even bought me a new baby to replace Squackers! He is a parrott and is really pretty. I named him Mr. CawCaw because when you squeeze his belly he says “caw”

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