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July 8, 2009


My name is Ella! I love tummy rubs. My brother sure did a nice job on the post before this one! He is a good brother. I am sorry that I am mean sometimes, but I have to! It is just so fun! Squackers lived a fun life and needed to be played with a bit so I did. I really didn’t mean to hurt him that bad. I will be lots nicer to Mr. CawCaw, though. I don’t want to hurt any of Jack’s babies.

I love my brother and am very lucky to have him.

I am going to put some pictures of June & July 2007 on here. I will also type a little bit about that time. My mommy had to tell me about it, because I was just a baby.
On June 15th, before I even knew my Mommy, I was a puppy. I was still living with my siblings and my Beagle Mommy and my Pug Daddy.

My mommy had to say goodbye to my Angel Brother, Sir-C on June 15, 2007.

It made mommy sad to have to send Sir-C to Heaven.

On June 23, 2007 I was with my brothers and sisters in the play pen. This was the first time I saw my Mommy. She walked into the room at the breeders, and I popped up to see who was there. My mommy saw my pretty face and she picked me up and gave me a BIG hug and kiss! She also rubbed my tummy, which I loved!!!!

I loved my mommy, and she loved me, instantly!
My Grandma then saw my brother and picked him up to cuddle. It was a busy day, and we were REALLY tired because so many people wanted to hold us and play with us. We loved it though!
I was very glad that my Mommy, Grandma & Grandpa picked out me and my brother! I love my brother a whole lot! And he likes me too 🙂

A few days after we came home with our family, my brother got really sick. He wouldn’t eat his food or drink. He didn’t feel good. My mommy and my grandma&grandpa brought Jack to the doctor. Mommy held me while he was in the doctor room. The doctor @ the Emergency Vet said he might not live through the night. I was sad about my brother and wished I could kiss him. My Mommy and Grandparents were sad too. Mommy had to leave my brother @ the Doggy hospital all night. She came home and held me in her arms and the phone in her other arm all night long.

The next day my mommy cuddled me and put on the tv. This is when she discovered that I liked Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She and Grandpa went to pick up my brother and bring him to the regular doctor. By that afternoon my brother was alot better. He was still sick, but he WOULD live!

We are not sure what it was. My mommy said that we both got tested for Parvo and did NOT have it, so that was good. My mommy thinks that we just left our doggy mommy a little too early, maybe. Whatever it was, my Mommy and my Grandparents realize that we were Heaven Sent.

You see, if our family had not brought us home when they did, then we would probably not have made it. Our family was planning to go on a cruise a few weeks after getting us, which is why they were NOT going to bring a doggy home. But they fell in love with us, and God was up there, working things out.

We grew really fast in our first June 2007 and in July 2007 also.

These first two months with our family, we got to know our family and they got to know us! Our likes and dislikes.
They quickly learned that we both loved meeting people and snuggling.

We loved each other, and we loved playing!

I loved tummy rubs, and Jack loves his babies.
I’ll post another BLAST FROM THE PAST-JUNE & JULY ’08 soon, so stay tuned….
Thanks for reading this!
Lots of WAGS!

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