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From Jack and Ella’s Mommy….

May 24, 2009

My name is Ann and I have two incredible puggles, Jack and Ella!

I love my Puggles so much.

Let me explain, first, that a Puggle is a type of dog that is the result of a Pug and a Beagle.

I can not talk about Jack and Ella, without first talking about their Angel brother, Sir-Cinnamon.

Sir-Cinnamon, aka Sir-C, was our Sheltie who we had on our earth and in our family for 13 years. He was not just a “dog” but a member of our family, and he was my baby.

You see….We got him when I was 7 and a half years old, and he was a puppy. The two of us grew up together, and grew very close….and he grew to be my baby! He was very attached to me and loved me very much. I also felt the same way about him. We were best friends.

Many times I told Sir-C that he would be my best friend forever and it would be hard for me to ever love a boy as I loved him!

Upon returning from a cruise in June 2007, Sir-C began showing signs of senility. During that same week, he got worse and worse. Our family was not sure if he had one stroke maybe while we were on our trip and he was at the vet, or if he may have been having some mini strokes.

It progressed quickly, and he got to the point where even sitting in his bed, he was rocking, his eyes were going back and forth, and he was not comfortable.

Though we loved him like crazy, and could not stand to let him go, we also did not want to put him through test after test, considering he was NOT a big fan of going to the vet.

Had it been a cancer that they had discovered, this would have been a similar situation with what a person goes through, with more trips to the “doctor” and we didn’t want him to live an unhappy life…..

By Friday June 15th, we made the incredibly painful decision that he needed to be in Heaven and not suffer. We all piled in the car, I brought a bag with some of his favorite toys including his Gingerbread man, his Bubbles the fishie, his teddy bear, his blankie, his turkey lurkey and his snuggly blankie and his big blanket.

I also brought a prayer bear with me.

We got him on the table and I held him and spent some precious time with him. I showed him the urn which we thought would be the best. The thing that really made us comfortable with what we were doing, was the fact that this was one of the only times we had seen him at a vet setting, with the doctor there, and he was not shaking or nervous. It was almost as if he was telling us he was ready and thankful for us understanding this.

I kissed him and rubbed him and sang you are my sunshine, as my precious boy exited our earth and flew on to Heaven, with his beautiful Angel body in my arms. I hugged him, and shed some tears.

One of the hardest parts, upon loosing him, was coming home to an empty bed….not hearing his jangling collar at night, etc….

We knew that he would want us to be happy and take care of another puppy or two, who needed a home.

Though we were still in the process of grieving, I did learn about Puggles and thought that Sir-C might like to have a baby brother and/or sister.

On June 24, we headed out on a journey to a breeder and we brought home two 3pound baby puggles, brother and sister, that we named Jack and Ella.

We were delighted to have two cute and happy puggles.

However, our babies were extremely sick upon coming home. They were three pounds and were only six weeks old. We learned quickly, that the age of six weeks is quite young for puppies to leave their dog mommy and come home, and we paid for this dearly.

We experienced some hard times, with both of our puppies very sick and with some worms. They were lethargic and not well….which made us even happier that we got them when we did.

Had we waited three more days, little Jack might well have died at the breeder.

On their third day with us, Jack took a turn for the worse. He became lethargic, refused to eat and drink, and developed a very high fever (106 in a dog is more dangerous for a dog than it is for a person, so he was not well at all). We rushed him and his sister to the Emergency vet, and were shocked when the doctor said he was severely dehydrated, it could be parvo, they wanted to keep him in the ICU there for dogs…..

Over the night he fought so hard, and I am certain that Sir-C, up in Heaven, had a few talks with God, and held his little brother’s heart in his Heavenly Paw, but when we picked him up the next day he was feeling and acting a bit better!

We brought him and his IV fluid to their regular doctor/vet and they kept him and did the Parvo test. We were so happy that he did NOT have Parvo….I literally got on my knees and cried my eyes out, thanking God, and Sir-C for this miracle.

He was still a weak little boy, but after a few weeks he and Ella grew stronger, healthier, sillier, and our hearts continued to overflow with love for these two amazing puppies!

We went on another cruise later in the summer and upon returning home and picking up what were our small babies from the vet, we were shocked to find a tiger and a lion (Haha!)

We love our puppies and always always will!!!!!

While Jack’s health problem happened in puppy hood, Ella had a problem in February 2007 (before turning a year old in May) when she slipped in a snowfall. She did not hurt, which was good, however, she did have trouble with her back paw. Upon bringing her to the doctor we learned that this was due to a genitic problem that may well run in her family. We learned that she had hip displasia in both hips, and medial luxating patella (displaced kneecaps) in both back knees. She had her first surgery in Feb. of 2007 and may well have to have more in the future. She came through the first surgery to correct the medial luxating patella that was somehow injured in the snow…I think it was slippery and she zigged when she should have zagged, but the good thing as we caught this early in life, and we have learned just how resilliant she is…..

You would never know it today, that she has these issues with her knees and hips….Especially at breakfast when she is jumping to your chest and ready to eat up all her food!

She is like a kangaroo on steroids with her jumping! SO FUNNY!!!!!!

Let me finish this first “blog” post by telling you about their favorites and what they like to do!

Jack has more Beagle in him! He is the sweetest and most loving little boy you ever did meet, however he is also a wild man who loves to play his game before bed, every night, of “catch me if you can”; He is scared of quite a few things including his shadow, noises, a fart, a sneeze, a blender, his tail if it creeps up on him during a nap! Yes, our little boy is quite a wimp at times! He has jowells and wrinkles all over, but you gotta kiss every single one of them!

He loves to give kisses, and loves to all his friends/family.

He finds it easy to make friends. This boy has a collection of “babies”. We found a bear (tiny puppy sized) at petsmart and that became his best friend. He now has 8 bears (exactly alike) 8 ducks (the same as the bear, just a duck) and 7 frogs. He also has a LARGE FLUFFY DUCK that he LOVES to pieces, and a duck with 12 squeekers in it’s body. He will carry a mouthfull of his little babies around most of the time. Whenever someone comes into the room, he looks around and finds a baby of his that he doesn’t mind sharing, and will jump up and honestly want to share his baby. He is almost offended if the person doesn’t accept his baby from him.

Ella, on the other hand, is more of a chewere. We try to give her a bear and end up with nothing left….. We have found the only product that she can chew and not throw back up is the Nyla Bone line of toys, so she has several of these that she loves.

She also loves her bone with the hollow center, where we put peanut butter in it, or even loop a blankie through it and make a cute little pull toy. And she (and Jack) both love their Kongs. Kongs are some of their favorite, and upon recieving their first Kongs, Ella chose the red colored and Jack got stuck with (and LOVES) the purple colored one…..

Ella also LOVES tummy rubs….If she doesn’t get her tummy rub quota each day, you can tell. We call her our diva princess, as she thinks she is everything! Haha!

If she gets caught doing something she KNOWS she shouldn’t do, she gives you a big look in the eyes and rolls over for a tummy rub to make things all better!

So, anyway, that is about it for my puppies background.

They recently turned two years old in May and they are my best friends….

I will post one picture for now, to go along with this post and then play some catchup by continuing to add pictures as I learn more about how to compile this blog….

Enjoy and please check back often!


Ann, Jack and Ella!
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