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Ella’s “Blast from the Past” Post- Spring 2008

August 1, 2009

Hi all!

Ella-Belle here, with the newest “Blast” post.  This is about the Spring of 2008 (April and May).

Ella April Showers bring may flowers   Jack, April showers bring may flowers


Much of April, I was still recovering from my surgery on my knee.  It was hard not being able to play as much with my brother.  The doctor said I needed to rest up, so that I could feel better.  My mommy and grandparents didn’t keep me in my kennel all the time, though.  Whenever they could, they would take me out and hold me and cuddle me.  Cuddling and snuggling is the best medicine, after all! 

When I was in their laps, I could see my brother, and still get my rest.  I just couldn’t play, PHYSICALLY with him.  My knee and leg needed time to heal.

Ella wants out of her kennel

~Though I was placed on “Kennel Rest”, I spent alot of time out of “Kennel” and in my Mommy, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s laps.  They should change the name to “snuggle rest”

time for bed, Ella bean

   beagle bug

With me on kennel rest, my brother was sad that we couldn’t play as much.  He wanted me to get all better.  He missed playing with me.  Even though that our family cuddled both of us and snuggled both of us and played with both of us, there was something we really wanted~ that something we wanted and desired was to be able to play together!

On 4-3-2008 we wanted it more than ANYTHING.  That day also happened to be my six week post-op doctor visit for my knee.  I was scared about it and my Mommy was REALLY worried and nervous.  The doctor looked at me, and checked me REAL carefully!  I was a BIG GIRL at the doctor, and did not cry or whine.  I was not scared.  I was very brave. 

My Mommy was so happy after I saw the doctor, because the doctor said that even though I was still healing, I could play with my brother now!  I still had to be carefull, but I was allowed to play with him and snuggle him more! YEAH! 

Wanting to play………

Wishing we could play together

Our wish came true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

playing on the couch, we sure have missed this    Ella decided to go next door to Jack's house

look at the paws

Being granted more PLAYTIME, however, sure did make me tired.  I chose to rest a little when I felt like I needed it. 

May of 2008 our Mommy was finishing school for the semester.  She explained to us that summer would be here soon, which met that she would be home more with us. 

However, as April finished and May was coming, Mommy’s friend Pam (mentioned in the previous post) became pretty sick with something called Cancer.  We were sad when our mommy told us about this.  Mommy went to the hospital several times to see Miss Pam and to hang pictures of her animals in Miss pam’s hospital room. 

In the very first part of May, Miss Pam was not getting better.  Her family came because they needed to.  Mommy met her family a few times, and went to the hospital to sit with Miss Pam’s family.

May 4th 2008 was our BIRTHDAY!   We turned ONE YEAR OLD!!!! We were very happy. 

Unfortunately, May 4th was also the day that Miss Pam died.  She went to Heaven.  Even though we were sad that she died, Mommy told us that we got a ANGEL on our FIRST BIRTHDAY!  This made us feel better.  Even though Mommy’s friend had died on our birthday, Mommy made it the best day she could for us.  She bought us Birthday hats and scarves and let us wear them.  We were very happy to be ONE!  She sang us the Happy Birthday song!  We loved that song!  She gave us a special cookie treat on our birthday.  It was a great FIRST birthday party, and we spent it just as we love to spend each day: With our family, and having LOTS of snuggles!!!!!

birthday boy   Ella's first birthday

We are so happy and cute together

Ella and Jack tug of war   They both looked at the camera, a rare occurance these days

When Miss Pam died, she had four CATS!  Now normally we are not CAT lovers.  We are dogs, after all!  However, when Mommy told us she needed to help find homes for Miss Pam’s cats, we said that it was okay.  We supported her in making phone calls and trying to find a nice home.  Mommy called and was able to get a home for at least ONE of Pam’s cats.  A few days after Miss Pam died, Miss Pam’s cat Cali (a Calico cat) went home to live with our friend and the lady who cleans our house, who is named Miss Gail!  We were very happy that Cali had such a nice home to go to!  We love Miss Gail a whole lot! 

Cali and me   Cali and new owner Gail

~Mommy picked Cali up and handed her over to Miss Gail!  Cali was very lucky to get such a great home!

For the rest of May and into the first of June, we were at the “doggie hotel” our home away from home, while our family went on a cruise.  We missed them alot, but when we got home our mommy shared the pictures with us and told us stories.  While on her cruise, she got to meet animals like a monkey and a birdie in Mexico (and she didn’t even get sick! YAY!)  and she got to meet the Carnival Cruise Line Mascot, Funship Freddie!

the monkey doesn't want any more freakin pictures   you'll do anything when you've had lots to drink in Cozumel haha

Funship Freddy and me

Thank you for reading this latest “Blast Post”.  My brother will do the next Blast Post, and in it he will talk about the Summer of 08! 



Jack’s “Blast From the Past” post—Welcome 2008

July 24, 2009

Hi friends and fans!

Jack man, here!  So, it seems we are getting these Blast/Review posts done pretty fast!  We’ll be up to date pretty soon, and not have to do thes Blast posts…

Today’s Blast from the Past post is about Winter of 2008.  This will include January, February & March.

We were SO happy to see our Mommy when she got home from New York!  We were also very happy that Mommy was feeling so much better.  It scared us, though, that Mommy was on these big sticks called “Crutches”.  She couldn’t walk us on her own, because she had to use these under her arms, and it is kind of hard to hold a dog leash when you are trying to hold your legs.  Mommy also had a really neat scooter.  We gave her LOTS of kisses when she picked us up at the doggie hotel.  Mommy loves the vet (aka doggie hotel) because they love us there and treat us very nice.  The nice ladies gave Mommy the filled up camera, that she had dropped off.  They took pictures of us for our first Christmas, so that Mommy could see how happy and good we were.  When we were at the doggie hotel, Sissy learned to howl!  Isn’t that funny?

    cb Ella and Jack smile for the camera   cb Jack and Ella at the Christmas party

So January was a pretty nice month.  We wished our Mommy could have played with us more, but she had a hard time getting around.  We gladly snuggled her, though, to make for a speedy recovery.  Mid-January when Grandpa took us out to potty one night, there was this white stuff on the grass.  It was COLD too.  Mommy started laughing and told us it was snow.  It made us really happy.  We liked snow.  Snow was fluffy and white.  We didn’t get alot of it, but the snow we got, we enjoyed.  It felt funny when it landed on my nose, and it made me sneeze.  When my sissy went potty, she had to squat, and got a funny look in her eye, because it was cold on her.  Isn’t that funny?  We sure enjoyed it.  My mommy even came out and got a few pictures of us in our first snowfalls ever!

   Grandpa and Grandma with Ella and Jack in the snow   playing, I love ella's ear

After some fun in the snow, though, we sure were glad to be snuggling and playing in our nice, comfy, warm house.  Our Mommy was probably out and about a little bit more than she should have been.  One night in late January she told us her foot was hurting and it looked yucky.  She said it was something called “swollen” and she called her doctor in New York.  She was told by her doctor to go to the Hospital and make sure it wasn’t anything serious.  She learned that she had been on it too much and needed to take it easy.  We made sure she did, by giving her lots of snuggles and lying with her on the couch.  We took good care of Mommy to make her all better.

mommy and her babies   snuggling on the couch with my babies

my babies

These are our SERIOUS faces.  The doctor said “Mommy has GOT to stay put!” and we made sure she did.

Pretty soon it was February.  February was pretty slow for a while.  Mommy had to continue going to school, but at the same time she became stronger and more mobile each day.  We were very happy that she was no longer hurting.  We jumped for joy, and knew that our kisses and snuggles had done a good job.  However, this did not mean we could go lightly on them.  It just told us that we were doing a good job, and had to continue kissing and snuggling so that Mommy could continue getting better.

On February 13th, we went out to potty at night and we had some of that “snow” stuff on the ground again.  There was also something called “ice” on the ground.  Our paws got wet, and when we came inside, my sissy slipped and cried.  I jumped down off the couch to see what was wrong.  I kissed sissy.  After the initial cry she did not seem to hurt; But at the same time, something wasn’t right.  My sissy could not walk with all four paws on the ground.  Her back right knee seemed to be caught/stuck.  She could only walk on three paws.  I felt so bad for my sissy.

Ella and Jack in the snow   Ella doesn't feel to great right now

On February 14th, when we woke up, Mommy told us it was Valentine’s Day!  We didn’t know what that met.  Mommy told us that Valentine’s meant that you love somebody, and we realized that we were all Valentines!  Mommy said you had to ask people you love if they would be yours.  Mommy asked Sissy and Me if we would be her Valentines, not just on that day, but every day!  We said YES!  We love Mommy! 

Happy Valentines from Jack and Mommy   Happy Valentines from Ella and Mommy

Also, on Valentine’s Day, Mommy and Grandpa had to bring Ella to see the doctor about her knee that she had hurt.  Mommy was really worried, and so were my grandparents, and so was I.  I love my Sissy, and do not want my Sissy to ever hurt.  I was really sad because she couldn’t play with me.  She did not want to play, but I snuggled her and Mommy.  I now had two important Valentine’s to take care of.  Through the power of love, kisses, and snuggles, I knew my Valentines would be fine in no time!

Mommy came home and told me about my Sissy’s doctors appointment.  They did something called an X-Ray.  This is a picture of your inside.  The X-Ray on Sissy showed that she had several problems.  She had something called a “Medial Luxating Patella” on both of her back knees.  Mommy told me that this means that the “ball” called the “knee” was going toward the inside instead of in the middle of her leg where it belonged.  She also said that Ella had something called “hip displasia” in both back hips, but that a lot of doggies have it, and it is just something that we are glad to know, but that is not bothering her now.  My Mommy told me that we all would have to be really really careful with Sissy, because we didn’t want her to get any worse or hurt her other knee.  Her right knee, that was not feeling good, would have to have “surgery.”  I was scared when Mommy told me this, but my sissy is strong and on the inside in my heart, I knew that my Sissy would be just fine!  The worst part was the not playing as much.  But I did get to kiss and snuggle sissy alot!

Sissy I miss playing with you   Night night kisses

On February 22nd, a friend of Mommy’s that she knew really well through online and through the phone, had her birthday.  Even though Mommy knew her online, she also lived near us.  She didn’t have any way to spend her birthday, and Mommy wanted to make her birthday really special.  She turned 33 and her name was Miss Pam!  Miss Pam was really nice.  When she came to the house to meet Mommy, the hugged.  She even was nice and brought us some toys.  Miss Pam met alot to us.  She was really special and we were glad to have a new friend.  Miss Pam had been having a hard time and was not very healthy.  She had alot of medical problems.  We were sorry that she didn’t feel well, but we kissed her and enjoyed her. 

Pam and Ella, me and Jack

On February 23rd, Mommy and Grandma went to Toys-R-Us.  They decided to buy Sissy a playpen, because her surgery was coming up.  Our kennels are comfy, but with her leg and the way it was, and would be after surgery, it would have been hard for her to step over her ledge and get into her kennel.  It was nicer for Mommy’s back to be able to get Ella-Belle in the playpen, and Ella was also more comfortable in it.  The playpen they got even had a diaper changing table, but Ella thought it was the perfect place for a tummy rub.  We called it the tummy rub table!

Diaper changing table is the tummy rub table   happy girl

On February 27th Ella went with Grandpa (in the morning) to bring Mommy to school.  Then Grandpa brought Ella to the Vet to have her surgery.  I was lonely without my Sissy, but I knew that the doctor would make her better.  Ella and Me have the best doctors at our Vet.  Mommy got to go out and visit with Ella in the hospital after her surgery.  Ella was sleepy, but ok.  She had to stay at the vet to recover for two days.  She came back home on the 29th of February and I was VERY happy to see my Sissy!  We were all happy to have her home!

Mommy kisses Ella to make her feel better   first it was me, now it's ella

she's so happy to be home   Kisses for each other.  A happy reunion

March 2008 was also a busy month.  On March 2nd it was our Angel brother, Sir-C’s, Birthday.  It was his 14th birthday, but his first one in Heaven.  We sent a Happy Birthday Balloon to him in Heaven.  We KNOW he got it!  We also know that he had a happy birthday and that he was with God on his Birthday and eating a cool whip birthday cake @ the Rainbow Bridge!

Sir-C and his balloon and babies   Celebrating Sir-C's bday as a family

our happy five membered family outside of our house (3)

On March 10th it was another Birthday!  This time it was Grandpa’s Birthday.  He was 60 years old!  We enjoyed more cake, and celebrating and being with family!  We kind of were liking these Birthday things!  They sure were alot of fun!

Papa and his Birthday balloon    Ann and Papa about to blow out his candles

Mama, Ella and Jack wish grandpa a happy birthday

Then it was more celebrating, and more time for pictures.  Something called St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th is where you celebrate and you are LUCKY if you wear green!

Ella St. Patty's girl   St. Pattys Jack

There is also something called “Easter” that came in March 2008.  Mommy taught us all about Easter, and also told us about someone called “The Easter Bunny” who leaves a basket with Easter gifts for you.  Our Mommy had to be in New York for Easter.  She had to go there to see her doctor.  She would find out there, that her foot was FANTASTIC and that all that kissing and cuddling that we had been doing had WORKED!  Mommy was now able to walk without these “crutches” and without the “boot” that she had been in.  When she got back from her trip and told us, we were very happy and we kissed her.  Even though we had to go to the doggie hotel, we had a nice Easter. 

Since Mommy knew that she was not going to be home for Easter, she took some Easter pictures of us, before she left! 

Ella and the Easter Bunny    Jack with the Easter Bunny

Easter Ella portrait   Easter Jack Portrait

happy easter from ella and jack (2)   Ella Happy Easter

Mommy returned home on the 24th of March.  When she picked us up, she gave us each a present.  She bought me a Jersey like Eli Mannings.  Eli Manning was the MVP in The Superbowl for New Yorks team in 08.  The reason she bought me an Eli Manning Jersey, was because when she was in NYC, she stayed at a hotel that was owned by the same person that owns the winning team (team that Eli Manning played on).  When the won the Superbowl, the team members came to the hotel, and the hotel was all decorated and everyone was so happy and celebrated the BIG WIN!  She bought Ella a Mickey Mouse Toy from the Disney Store in NYC!  Ella LOVED her Mickey Mouse toy!  I loved my Jersey!

going to disney     Move over Eli

silly mickey mouse chewey girl    Mickey chewey Ella

Well, thanks for checking in on this latest “Blast Post.”  As you can tell, our Winter of 2008 was quite a busy one.  Ella will continue into the Spring of 08 on her next post!  At this rate our “Blat posts” should be finished and you will have learned so much about us!  We are so happy that you enjoy our site!  We are happy that our Mommy helps us with the site and the typing.  We love our Mommy and our Grandma and Grandpa!  That’s why we wanted a site, so that we can have all of these memories down in writing and pictures.

Stay tuned!



Ella’s “Blast from the Past” post (Winter 2007)

July 23, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Ella-Belle, here! 

WOW!  How about a round of ap-PAWS for my brother on his Blast from the Past Fall 2007.  He sure is a good writer.  He’s also a FANTASTIC brother.  I really love him alot, and he loves me.  I think we are FINALLY getting used to this “blog” thing.  We have never been the best at routines.  We’re not all the way potty trained.  It’s just sometimes harder with two puppies of the same age, but we really do try to please.  Every day we learn more and more. 

Well, like my brother said, this post is about the Winter of 2007.  It will talk about November and December.

November was pretty busy.  Our Mommy still had a yucky feeling foot and ankle.  We did not like that she was in pain. 

She left us at the vet around the first part of November, for boarding.  Before she left, she sat us down on the couch for a snuggle and to tell us why.  She said that we had to go to the doggie hotel, because she had to go to a place called New York City.  She had to go there for a Doctor appointment.  She said that the doctor that could make her foot all better was there, so she would have to take a big air plane there.  We gave her lots of kisses.  We enjoyed our time at the vet, because everyone there loves us and plays with us!

Our Mommy got back and told us about her trip.  She also said she missed us.  She was happy but also a little sad.  The reason she was sad, was because when she saw her doctor, she learned that she would have to go to New York to have surgery.  The only time she could go was for Christmas.  We said we didn’t mind spending Christmas somewhere else.  We started thinking about the toys we would pack.  We were excited about this whole New York place, anyway.  Then she said that we would have to stay here.  She said that the air plane would be scary for us, and that the hotels were a bit expensive.  Also, she wouldn’t be able to care for us as well, because after surgery she would be in the hospital for a few days.  Doggies aren’t allowed at the hospital.

She said that she would really make our November and the part of December that we were together really special.  She told us we could have our family Christmas before the REAL Christmas.  She also assured us that Santa would find us at the Doggie Hotel on Christmas and when we woke up on Christmas Day we would have a special time.  She also told us that she would take lots of pictures and tell us lots of stories when she saw us again in January.

Our Mommy really kept her promise, and then some! 

In November she bought us some really pretty Winter Sweaters so we would look pretty and be nice and warm.  My sweater was so pretty and Mommy said I was truly GORGEOUS in it.  My brother’s sweater was green and striped and he was really handsome.  We enjoyed it when our Mommy would help us dress up in our nice warm sweaters.  We still have them with our other clothes.  Now that we are two, we have LOTS of clothes! 

Jack ready for winter in his brand new sweater  xmas sweaters closeup  Ella in her fur coat

We also learned more and more about the Holidays.  Mommy told us all about Christmas, and about Santa.  Mommy bought us each a stocking and hung them on our kennels.  We LOVED looking at our pretty stockings.  We also were in the family Christmas card picture.  We watched lots of Christmas movies with Mommy also.  She got us some Santa hats and Reindeer antlers.  She taught us Christmas songs. 

On Thanksgiving she told us how thankful she was for both of us.  She said that we are her babies and her best friends.  She loves us very much and always will.  She gave us our Christmas presents on Thanksgiving day and we made that our “Family Christmas Day” since that our family would be apart from us on Christmas. 

She brought us to see Santa Claus!  We really enjoyed it.  I told Santa what I wanted and Jack told Santa what he wanted.

Our Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa really made our Holiday Season of 2007 a special one.  The night before they had to bring us to the Doggie Hotel for our Holiday Stay, Mommy read us a book that she bought us, called My Dog Marley.  It was funny!

Mommy helped us to ask Santa what we want in our stockings:

Ella asks Santa to fill her stocking   Jack asking santa to fill his stocking   we got our stockings (2)

 Ella visits Santa         Jack visits Santa          The whole family visits Santa                   

We even got to meet Santa Claus!  We were not scared.  He was nice.

reindeer Jack, Mommy, Ella Claus    carpenter xmas 07

Do you see our names on the Family Christmas Card?

Our Mommy took some time out to remind us, that even though she was happy we are her babies.  It was also her first year without Sir-C.  Sir-C was the doggie that Mommy had before Jack and Me.  Our Mommy said that it was hard that Sir-C was not with her.  She wanted to show us that he was still with us.  The way she did this, was that she gave each of us a special Christmas toy that used to be Sir-C’s when he was alive.  She told us that our Angel brother wanted us to have his Christmas toys.  Those were his presents to us.  We really were happy that our big brother loved us enough that he wanted us to have his toys.  Mommy also made a special poster for Sir-C that she still has. 

sir-c collage (2)     Jack and Rudolph 


The night before Mommy left for New York, she read us a special story called, My Dog Marley:

Ella and Marley are alike they chew books   Jack's new fave bedtime story Bad Dog, Marley

Isn’t it funny?  I chewed the book like Marley!                          

My brother also loved the Marley story book!

All in all, our Holiday of 2007 was Happy!  The thing we learned most, is that our family was a loving family and they were thankful for us and for each other.  We learned more and more just how much we are loved.  We also loved our family more and more each day. 

Thank you for reading my Winter 2007 post.  Jack will be the next post, sometime this weekend.  Stay tuned!  It will include an update on what we’ve been up to lately and lots more! 

Thanks for reading!










Jack’s "Blast from the Past" post— (Fall 2007)

July 21, 2009

Hello Ladies and Dudes!!!!!

Jack-man here!
My sissy did a GREAT job on that Blast from the Past post. I figured I’d chip in and help her with the Blast from the Past posts as well.
I’m going to share some of my “Re-memory-ber-ies” (I’m not the bestest speller, here! Sound it out, Jack, sound it out!) from the Fall of 2007.
The Fall months I will include are August, September and October!
In August we coninued trying to figure out who we were, learn about our family and where our places were in it. We went to the veterinarin for our regular check-ups to keep us healthy. We also would go there occasionally if our Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa had to go on a trip.

Most of all, we continued going out, meeting new friends, and enjoying LIFE with our family!

This is our Mommy and us with Mommy’s friend Michelle!
Our Mommy also started at a new school….it is called Salem College. We missed her whenever she would leave for school, but when she wasn’t with us, she was learning and would read us stories when she got home. When she wasn’t with us, our Grandpa and/or Grandma was with us.
September 2007 had ALOT of stuff happen. Our Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their anniversiary (25th). Mommy celebrated her 21nd Birthday, Mommy got Stung by a bumble bee one day (but Me and Sissy made it all better by kissing it) and Mommy had a car accident (but again, we made her better with kisses). Mommy said that she realized more and more how thankful she was for us. She loves bringing us on car rides, but was very thankful that she didn’t have us with her when she got in her accident. We coulda gotted hurt, and mommy never wants us to hurt or cry. We love mommy and we want the same for her.

October 2007 found us in school. This school wasn’t quite like Mommy’s. It was Puppy School where we learned how to sit, drop it, hussle, go to kennel and alot more. We also made lots of doggy friends and people friends. We still see our teacher whenever we go to PetSmart. She has a BIG doggie, but I wasn’t scared of him. He is nice. We also graduated from school! Mommy was so proud of us, and still is proud! We learned a whole lot and still know alot of it!
We also both had surgery. We got what you humans refer to as “fixed” so that we couldn’t have any puppies. When we got home we did not hurt, but we had stitches. They were really itchy and felt funny. We had to wear cones/E-Collars on our heads. We looked so funny. We also met our cousins who came into town. And we continued to grow and enjoy our life.

Our mommy was hurting in her ankle and foot quite a bit during this time. She had a rough time. We kissed her, licked her tears, and cuddled her every night, because between school, having a rough time and her foot and ankle hurting bad, she cried and was not very happy. She longed for every second with us. She loves us very much and always will…..We love her too!
For Halloween, I was a PIRATE! GRRR!!! Captain Jack Sparrow!

My sissy was Ella-Belle the sweetest Witch!
We LOVED Trick or Treating! Our favorite treats were kisses and tummy rubs. Who could pass those off?!?!

Stay tuned for Sissy’s “Blast Post” which will be the Winter of 2007 (Nov-Dec)


July 8, 2009


My name is Ella! I love tummy rubs. My brother sure did a nice job on the post before this one! He is a good brother. I am sorry that I am mean sometimes, but I have to! It is just so fun! Squackers lived a fun life and needed to be played with a bit so I did. I really didn’t mean to hurt him that bad. I will be lots nicer to Mr. CawCaw, though. I don’t want to hurt any of Jack’s babies.

I love my brother and am very lucky to have him.

I am going to put some pictures of June & July 2007 on here. I will also type a little bit about that time. My mommy had to tell me about it, because I was just a baby.
On June 15th, before I even knew my Mommy, I was a puppy. I was still living with my siblings and my Beagle Mommy and my Pug Daddy.

My mommy had to say goodbye to my Angel Brother, Sir-C on June 15, 2007.

It made mommy sad to have to send Sir-C to Heaven.

On June 23, 2007 I was with my brothers and sisters in the play pen. This was the first time I saw my Mommy. She walked into the room at the breeders, and I popped up to see who was there. My mommy saw my pretty face and she picked me up and gave me a BIG hug and kiss! She also rubbed my tummy, which I loved!!!!

I loved my mommy, and she loved me, instantly!
My Grandma then saw my brother and picked him up to cuddle. It was a busy day, and we were REALLY tired because so many people wanted to hold us and play with us. We loved it though!
I was very glad that my Mommy, Grandma & Grandpa picked out me and my brother! I love my brother a whole lot! And he likes me too 🙂

A few days after we came home with our family, my brother got really sick. He wouldn’t eat his food or drink. He didn’t feel good. My mommy and my grandma&grandpa brought Jack to the doctor. Mommy held me while he was in the doctor room. The doctor @ the Emergency Vet said he might not live through the night. I was sad about my brother and wished I could kiss him. My Mommy and Grandparents were sad too. Mommy had to leave my brother @ the Doggy hospital all night. She came home and held me in her arms and the phone in her other arm all night long.

The next day my mommy cuddled me and put on the tv. This is when she discovered that I liked Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She and Grandpa went to pick up my brother and bring him to the regular doctor. By that afternoon my brother was alot better. He was still sick, but he WOULD live!

We are not sure what it was. My mommy said that we both got tested for Parvo and did NOT have it, so that was good. My mommy thinks that we just left our doggy mommy a little too early, maybe. Whatever it was, my Mommy and my Grandparents realize that we were Heaven Sent.

You see, if our family had not brought us home when they did, then we would probably not have made it. Our family was planning to go on a cruise a few weeks after getting us, which is why they were NOT going to bring a doggy home. But they fell in love with us, and God was up there, working things out.

We grew really fast in our first June 2007 and in July 2007 also.

These first two months with our family, we got to know our family and they got to know us! Our likes and dislikes.
They quickly learned that we both loved meeting people and snuggling.

We loved each other, and we loved playing!

I loved tummy rubs, and Jack loves his babies.
I’ll post another BLAST FROM THE PAST-JUNE & JULY ’08 soon, so stay tuned….
Thanks for reading this!
Lots of WAGS!

From Jack: What we’ve been up to!

July 8, 2009

This is Jack Carpenter! I wanted to update this blog (since it is mine and my Sister’s, we will do some of our own updates and our mommy will help us out!)

Things have been SO busy around here. This is the first time I have typed on here, and my Mommy introduced this “blog” in May.
Since we are 2 years old (May 4th was our birthday) this site will require some upkeep so people can get to know us; and learn about us.

I sat down with Mommy and Sissy and we decided that we would have a “BLAST from the PAST” entry at the beginnig of each month! In these entries we will put pictures from the past. If it is JULY entry then we would put a “BLAST FROM THE PAST JULY” pictures of past July’s.
My sissy will be writing and picking out pictures for our first “Blast” entry following my update.

As I said, we have been BUSY!

We have been able to go to the doggy park several times (but not as often as we’d like, because it is hot!)

2 times ago when we went, we met Will and his dog. Will works at Barnes & Noble and he has always been helpful to our mommy there. It was funny because it was purely timing that brought us together. We had a good time playing with his doggy, who is a Beagle. She was really nice (and cute too!) My tail was wagging the whole time!

We also went there last week with our Mommy and Grandpa (Mommy’s daddy)

In June our Mommy had to bring us to the vet and board us for a week. This was because a good family friend died. She had a disease called Scleroderma. Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa were pretty sad for alot of May and June as her death approached. You see, Their friend, Miss Sally, was a really special lady. She was 51 years old and her daughter, Andrea (who is our Mommy’s best friend) is 22. Her birthday is acutally coming up on the 12th!

Miss Sally suffered the effects of Scleroderma for a long long time (longer than we have been alive!) She was a fighter! Mommy and Grandma & Grandpa were sad because they knew that their friend would not be here much longer. We did a lot of cuddling and snuggling; and licked all their tears as the events of Miss Sally’s last weeks unfolded. Our family was very sad for their friend, and they boarded us to go say goodbye to Miss Sally and attend her funeral.
When they got back, they were still sad, but at the same time they were happy to see us. We gave them lots of kisses. My mommy said that Miss Sally lives with our BIG BROTHER in Heaven now. Our BIG BROTHER was Sir-Cinnamon. We never met him though! He was a Sheltie. He was Mommy’s dog before we were her doggies.
He died on June 15th 2007 and she got us 9 days after he became an Angel.
Mommy assured us that Angel Sir-C was waiting @ the Rainbow Bridge for Miss Sally and wanted to see her and show her around Heaven.

When Mommy got home it was still June.

Right after they got home, our Grandma got an email that one of her long time friends was getting married. Grandma and Grandpa went to the wedding (which was five hours away, in Morehead City —same place where they were for Miss Sally’s funeral). We were VERY HAPPY to hear about the wedding and Happy that our grandma and grandpa could finally go to Morehead for a happy occasion. You see, they have been to Morehead 3 times now—in a row—for funerals of friends.
The first was in October when their friend, Pat (Who was Miss Sally’s Mother; and Andrea’s Grandmother) died suddenly.
The second was in February when a friend of Grandma’s died @ the age of 104….
…and then June, for Miss Sally.
So we were happy to hear that Grandma and Grandpa would go for a wedding!
We celebrated with them and gave them kisses and snuggles. We wagged our tails so hard they almost flew off!

We missed our Grandma and Grandpa while they were gone, but our Mommy was home with us and we had fun with her.

Some friends of hers even came by and played with us on Friday and on Saturday another friend came by. We LOVE to make new friends, dogs and people alike! We LOVE to meet people and kiss and cuddle!
We were happy when our Grandma and Grandpa got back!

July is here already. We did not watch fireworks, but we did hear them. Our mommy went to watch fireworks down the street. She did not bring us because she didn’t want us to be scared. We heard them and were not very thrilled. We were a little scared of them, but our mommy cuddled us and kissed us. She told us the fireworks were saying “Happy Birthday” to America!

The rest of July we plan to go to the dog park, and play, and get all our snuggles in.

Last night was a little bit sad, for me especially. Nothing TOO tragic. My sissy, Ella, ripped up one of my favorite “babies”. His name was “Squackers” and I named him myself! He was a duck with a square belly that had squeekers all in side his tummy and his feet. I named him Squackers because he had squeakers and because ducks say “quack”.

Sissy is my best friend, but she can also be mean sometimes 😦

I was sad about my Squackers being ripped up, but Mommy let me kiss him goodbye and told me he was going to the Rainbow Bridge and Angel Sir-C would take care of him!

Today, Mommy even bought me a new baby to replace Squackers! He is a parrott and is really pretty. I named him Mr. CawCaw because when you squeeze his belly he says “caw”

From Jack and Ella’s Mommy….

May 24, 2009

My name is Ann and I have two incredible puggles, Jack and Ella!

I love my Puggles so much.

Let me explain, first, that a Puggle is a type of dog that is the result of a Pug and a Beagle.

I can not talk about Jack and Ella, without first talking about their Angel brother, Sir-Cinnamon.

Sir-Cinnamon, aka Sir-C, was our Sheltie who we had on our earth and in our family for 13 years. He was not just a “dog” but a member of our family, and he was my baby.

You see….We got him when I was 7 and a half years old, and he was a puppy. The two of us grew up together, and grew very close….and he grew to be my baby! He was very attached to me and loved me very much. I also felt the same way about him. We were best friends.

Many times I told Sir-C that he would be my best friend forever and it would be hard for me to ever love a boy as I loved him!

Upon returning from a cruise in June 2007, Sir-C began showing signs of senility. During that same week, he got worse and worse. Our family was not sure if he had one stroke maybe while we were on our trip and he was at the vet, or if he may have been having some mini strokes.

It progressed quickly, and he got to the point where even sitting in his bed, he was rocking, his eyes were going back and forth, and he was not comfortable.

Though we loved him like crazy, and could not stand to let him go, we also did not want to put him through test after test, considering he was NOT a big fan of going to the vet.

Had it been a cancer that they had discovered, this would have been a similar situation with what a person goes through, with more trips to the “doctor” and we didn’t want him to live an unhappy life…..

By Friday June 15th, we made the incredibly painful decision that he needed to be in Heaven and not suffer. We all piled in the car, I brought a bag with some of his favorite toys including his Gingerbread man, his Bubbles the fishie, his teddy bear, his blankie, his turkey lurkey and his snuggly blankie and his big blanket.

I also brought a prayer bear with me.

We got him on the table and I held him and spent some precious time with him. I showed him the urn which we thought would be the best. The thing that really made us comfortable with what we were doing, was the fact that this was one of the only times we had seen him at a vet setting, with the doctor there, and he was not shaking or nervous. It was almost as if he was telling us he was ready and thankful for us understanding this.

I kissed him and rubbed him and sang you are my sunshine, as my precious boy exited our earth and flew on to Heaven, with his beautiful Angel body in my arms. I hugged him, and shed some tears.

One of the hardest parts, upon loosing him, was coming home to an empty bed….not hearing his jangling collar at night, etc….

We knew that he would want us to be happy and take care of another puppy or two, who needed a home.

Though we were still in the process of grieving, I did learn about Puggles and thought that Sir-C might like to have a baby brother and/or sister.

On June 24, we headed out on a journey to a breeder and we brought home two 3pound baby puggles, brother and sister, that we named Jack and Ella.

We were delighted to have two cute and happy puggles.

However, our babies were extremely sick upon coming home. They were three pounds and were only six weeks old. We learned quickly, that the age of six weeks is quite young for puppies to leave their dog mommy and come home, and we paid for this dearly.

We experienced some hard times, with both of our puppies very sick and with some worms. They were lethargic and not well….which made us even happier that we got them when we did.

Had we waited three more days, little Jack might well have died at the breeder.

On their third day with us, Jack took a turn for the worse. He became lethargic, refused to eat and drink, and developed a very high fever (106 in a dog is more dangerous for a dog than it is for a person, so he was not well at all). We rushed him and his sister to the Emergency vet, and were shocked when the doctor said he was severely dehydrated, it could be parvo, they wanted to keep him in the ICU there for dogs…..

Over the night he fought so hard, and I am certain that Sir-C, up in Heaven, had a few talks with God, and held his little brother’s heart in his Heavenly Paw, but when we picked him up the next day he was feeling and acting a bit better!

We brought him and his IV fluid to their regular doctor/vet and they kept him and did the Parvo test. We were so happy that he did NOT have Parvo….I literally got on my knees and cried my eyes out, thanking God, and Sir-C for this miracle.

He was still a weak little boy, but after a few weeks he and Ella grew stronger, healthier, sillier, and our hearts continued to overflow with love for these two amazing puppies!

We went on another cruise later in the summer and upon returning home and picking up what were our small babies from the vet, we were shocked to find a tiger and a lion (Haha!)

We love our puppies and always always will!!!!!

While Jack’s health problem happened in puppy hood, Ella had a problem in February 2007 (before turning a year old in May) when she slipped in a snowfall. She did not hurt, which was good, however, she did have trouble with her back paw. Upon bringing her to the doctor we learned that this was due to a genitic problem that may well run in her family. We learned that she had hip displasia in both hips, and medial luxating patella (displaced kneecaps) in both back knees. She had her first surgery in Feb. of 2007 and may well have to have more in the future. She came through the first surgery to correct the medial luxating patella that was somehow injured in the snow…I think it was slippery and she zigged when she should have zagged, but the good thing as we caught this early in life, and we have learned just how resilliant she is…..

You would never know it today, that she has these issues with her knees and hips….Especially at breakfast when she is jumping to your chest and ready to eat up all her food!

She is like a kangaroo on steroids with her jumping! SO FUNNY!!!!!!

Let me finish this first “blog” post by telling you about their favorites and what they like to do!

Jack has more Beagle in him! He is the sweetest and most loving little boy you ever did meet, however he is also a wild man who loves to play his game before bed, every night, of “catch me if you can”; He is scared of quite a few things including his shadow, noises, a fart, a sneeze, a blender, his tail if it creeps up on him during a nap! Yes, our little boy is quite a wimp at times! He has jowells and wrinkles all over, but you gotta kiss every single one of them!

He loves to give kisses, and loves to all his friends/family.

He finds it easy to make friends. This boy has a collection of “babies”. We found a bear (tiny puppy sized) at petsmart and that became his best friend. He now has 8 bears (exactly alike) 8 ducks (the same as the bear, just a duck) and 7 frogs. He also has a LARGE FLUFFY DUCK that he LOVES to pieces, and a duck with 12 squeekers in it’s body. He will carry a mouthfull of his little babies around most of the time. Whenever someone comes into the room, he looks around and finds a baby of his that he doesn’t mind sharing, and will jump up and honestly want to share his baby. He is almost offended if the person doesn’t accept his baby from him.

Ella, on the other hand, is more of a chewere. We try to give her a bear and end up with nothing left….. We have found the only product that she can chew and not throw back up is the Nyla Bone line of toys, so she has several of these that she loves.

She also loves her bone with the hollow center, where we put peanut butter in it, or even loop a blankie through it and make a cute little pull toy. And she (and Jack) both love their Kongs. Kongs are some of their favorite, and upon recieving their first Kongs, Ella chose the red colored and Jack got stuck with (and LOVES) the purple colored one…..

Ella also LOVES tummy rubs….If she doesn’t get her tummy rub quota each day, you can tell. We call her our diva princess, as she thinks she is everything! Haha!

If she gets caught doing something she KNOWS she shouldn’t do, she gives you a big look in the eyes and rolls over for a tummy rub to make things all better!

So, anyway, that is about it for my puppies background.

They recently turned two years old in May and they are my best friends….

I will post one picture for now, to go along with this post and then play some catchup by continuing to add pictures as I learn more about how to compile this blog….

Enjoy and please check back often!


Ann, Jack and Ella!